Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nuclear Power Advocates

Nuclear power advocates are easy to find, they live and work at the 104 commercial nuclear plants and on board the Navy's nuclear ships. They have one thing in common, they know what they are talking about, they live with nuclear power. In 1996 when the R. E. Ginna nuclear power plant was getting new steam generators installed, the neighbors baked a cake to celebrate and provided hot coffee and cocoa to the workers. Outside agitators (anti-nuclear activists) came into town and held a meeting at a local church, they tried to instill fear, it did not work. Why? Because in the 26+ years of Ginna's operation, it had been a good neighbor, a good friend, treating people fairly and keeping people informed. Fear is easy to instill when there is a vacuum of understanding; constant, accurate communication is a key to combat fear. We need to continue being good neighbors and expand our circle of friends to include people like George Will. We need more nuclear power and we need to start building plants now for a decent tomorrow.