Monday, February 15, 2010

Today could be US Nuclear Power's New Begining!

"The Obama administration is set to announce a federal loan guarantee to build the first nuclear power plant in the United States in almost three decades", an administration official said. Let's hope this is a meaningful boost to new construction, it all depends upon the "cost" of the loan guarantee, which could actually make money for the US government. The company that receives the loan guarantee will have to pay an up front percentage, if this amount is too high, then the guarantee is not worth having (It's like increasing the interest rate) and no new plants will be built. I am hoping for a reasonable rate which will get the ball rolling on the next wave of safe, reliable, clean, economic, nuclear power plants built in the United States of America. This is in my opinion vital to the future of the United States and maybe the world! A strong energy infrastructure is essential to economic growth and the survival of the American way of life! Whether or not "Global Warming" is an issue, we need to stop experimenting with our atmosphere, it is the only one we have right now. Let's all hope this is the begining of the Nuclear Renaissance we have been hoping for!

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